How to be a diligent student

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Diligent Student

The habit of being diligent, persistent and hardworking as a student can be a herculean task, but developing the habit of diligence can make you come out the best in your class and bring great achievements while you are in school and as a graduate in the real world. Whatever course/subject you are offering in school, if you make persistent efforts with hard work in having good grades, you will definitely have them.

Let’s dive into the steps on how to be a diligent student so we can all have good grades in our chosen course of study and be among the best.

1. Keep a planner/ Task Scheduler

A planner assists you in organizing your time and keeps you diligent. A planner should consist of day and time for different classes, exam due dates for a given semester. You should also include study time and stick to the time schedule. We are in the era of technology, and almost student has a smartphone, rather than using the manual paper planner, you can use the calendar on your phone to plan and organize your semester, there are also great task planner apps on your Smartphone OS store that you can download from. On the Android OS, we have developed a school planner app to keep you organized in your course of study,


2. Start early with school projects definition essay

Waiting few days before working an assignment that is fast approaching its deadline, isn’t the best way to study and have good grades, neither does waiting till the end of the semester/term before you start reading your course notes will help you achieve good grades.

Early preparation allows you to solve challenges in your coursework that you never anticipated. While preparing for a test or exam, you might come across topics you don’t understand, early preparation gives you ample time to seek help from your teacher or classmate to have a better understanding of the topic.


3. Don’t overextend yourself with extra-curricular activities

Often times we might want to get the most out of school and have fun or join clubs and societies. Having fun while in school isn’t bad in itself or participating in clubs and societies isn’t a bad thing, but don’t get caught up in them, one of the main purposes of being admitted into the school was to graduate with the best grade as possible and be the best version of yourself. If you noticed that you are beginning to pay more attention to extra-curricular activities other than school work, then it is time to start trimming those activities to the barest minimum and concentrate on your school work


4. Overcome distractions

The major sources of distractions are smartphone, video games, internet, unprofitable discussions, social media etc. Spending so much time on these distractions will prevent you from being productive.  The best way to overcome these sources of distractions is to only engage them after you have been productive for that day. It is important you allocate more time to being productive than to being distracted.

You can turn distractions to mini goals or awards or a period when you relax, for example:

  • Tell yourself I will visit Twitter or Instagram for 15 minutes after I have done my assignment and set multiple alarms.
  • I will play Call Of Duty for 1 hour after I have read for hours.



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