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October 2018

Diligent Student

How to be a diligent student

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The habit of being diligent, persistent and hardworking as a student can be a herculean task, but developing the habit of diligence can make you come out the best in your class and bring great achievements while you are in school and as a graduate in the real world. Whatever course/subject you are offering in school, if you make persistent efforts with hard work in having good grades, you will definitely have…

6 Tips on how to read a book faster and effectively

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Every day we do some type of reading, either it is reading an article on medium, reading through a blog post, perusing files work or preparing for an examination. But trying to read through dense passages of a book can be exhausting and time-consuming. We have prepared five tips on how to read faster and also effectively. 1. Preview the text. Often times before going to the cinemas to watch a…

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