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Sometime since your birth, you might have – or should actually have – come across a question going along this line; “if today you woke up and realized your house was sinking, or there was an earthquake about to swallow the whole building, what would you save?”

The above question in the above paragraph begs a lot of consideration usually bypassed, and in most instances, I won’t be prejudiced, though I stand to be corrected, if I posit that majority of folks might end up not saving a thing due to indecision, and even worse, in a bid to save everything – or too many things, some might lose their own life in the sad and damning process. Why can this be?


Majority of folks do not even have an hierarchy of importance, no ladder of values, no value structure. And the saying goes, “no value, no meaning”. Failure to place value on one thing will inevitably force you to place value on everything, because they must have been valuable in the first place for you to possess them. But a reality which does not look too good is that; not all things have the same value. Consequentially, some things are bound to have more value than others, but failure to make this distinction may not be overwhelming, but it will be fatal during the time of choice and decision. Students are not excluded from this fiasco. If you want have a perfect smile you need to take a essays in apa format example.

The shot at getting better improvement as a student can barely be achieved without priorities – it is the cornerstone of everything you do, as a student. You cannot plan your time without a proper, or unconscious, schedule, and this schedule is dependent on what you deem most important or prioritize. For this reason you see some students heading to the club when their mates are battling it out in the library for an upcoming test the next day. They are not foolish, of course it looks it, they are just acting based on their priorities – the very thing they deem the most important of all things, usually at that time, because priorities are bound to be flexible; even though they may be long term. That said, priorities may be mismanaged, and that, too, can be fatal.

Asides time, to even try to focus in school, you need to set your priorities, else, that focus of yours will never have a proper direction, and even if you tried to capture a massive improvement, your aim is bound to be misdirected. Placing focus on school activities means you prioritize it over everything else; girls, partying, games et al. It means school is atop the hierarchy of things you value at that very moment; that given time. That said, also, prioritizing a thing doesn’t have to be done at the expense of the others. You cannot decide not to have fun because school is your priority; you cannot decide not to socialize because the library is your best friend, no! But you should know that should any of these come in conflict with school, school takes your vote.

Indeed, priorities are the very root from which your actions stem – from which your actions are supposed to stem. If you prioritize being “chilled” over school, you may find yourself having excessive naps and uneven length of sleep which is not so much advisable for a student hoping to be a part of the top guns in the academic sphere. Hence, set your priorities right. An absence of priorities is absence of direction, regardless what view you try to see it from, or what view you decide to hold.

If there is anything genderless in today’s society, it is priorities, and the purpose is to be appealing to everyone. Ignore priorities at your own peril.


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