Louis armstrong research paper

The legendary Louis Armstrong is one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time with his groundbreaking trumpet and vocal styling. He has had a profound impact on the development of jazz, influencing generations of musicians throughout the 20th century. Writing a research paper on Louis Armstrong is a great way to explore his life and music.

The first step to researching Armstrong is to familiarize oneself with his life and career. Reading biographies, autobiographies, and articles about him is a great way to gain insight into his personal life and musical accomplishments. In particular, it is important to read accounts by people who knew him and experienced his music first-hand. Furthermore, exploring recordings of his music is critical in order to understand the magnitude of his influence.

The next step is to consider the major themes in Armstrongs life and music. One theme that is often discussed is his role in popularizing jazz and transforming it from a regional music to an international phenomenon. Additionally, his influence on the development of scat singing and the incorporation of influences from African-American folk music in jazz should be considered. Analyzing the ways in which Armstrong challenged traditional notions of gender roles in jazz performance provides another opportunity for exploration.

In writing a research paper on Louis Armstrong, it is also important to consider how his life and music have been interpreted since his death in 1971. Exploring how his legacy has been marketed by record companies and the music industry can provide valuable insight into how the public perceives him today. Examining scholarly interpretations of Armstrongs life and music is another useful exercise in understanding how his legacy has evolved over time.

Finally, when conducting research on Louis Armstrong, it is important to include information on some of the controversies surrounding his life. Examining topics such as racial segregation and exploitation in the music industry can help to contextualize his career and provide a more nuanced understanding of his work.

Louis Armstrong was one of the most influential figures in American music history, and studying his life and music can provide a fascinating window into the past. Writing a research paper on Louis Armstrong offers a great opportunity to explore his unique style and lasting influence on the genre.