An instant essay can be defined as a type of essay that is written quickly with little or no research. It has been used by many students and professionals alike to quickly answer questions, submit assignments, or provide quick answers for short-term projects.

An instant essay is often used as a tool to get a point across quickly when there isn't sufficient time to conduct detailed research. It is also used in situations where the essay is not intended to be read by a large audience, but rather used as a way to communicate a point or solution to a smaller group, such as within the context of a business presentation or a school assignment.

When writing an instant essay, it is important to keep in mind that the content should be concise and to the point. While it may be tempting to add extra details and padding to the essay, this can often make the essay too long and difficult to read. Additionally, it is important to use accurate and up-to-date information when writing an instant essay. By utilizing reliable sources, such as scholarly articles, books and journals, the essay can be more likely to provide accurate and valid information.

Formatting can also play a role in the success of an instant essay. Using a clear structure, such as an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, can help ensure that the essay is organized and easy to follow. Additionally, by using a consistent font and font size throughout the essay, it can be easier for the reader to read and understand.

Finally, when writing an instant essay it is important to proofread and edit the work before submitting it. This will help ensure that any errors or inconsistencies are corrected and that any necessary changes are made. By following these simple steps, an instant essay can be an effective way to quickly answer questions and provide solutions in a short amount of time.