How to write an intro to an argumentative essay

An introduction to an argumentative essay sets the stage for your entire piece. You must grab your reader's attention and explain why your topic is important and worth their time. To write an effective introduction, you should first determine your purpose. Are you arguing for or against a certain viewpoint? Make sure you outline your position clearly in the opening paragraph.

You should then provide some background information on your topic to help orient readers. This can be a brief overview of relevant facts or a description of the current state of the issue. Include any research or studies that will help to illustrate your point. This stage of the introduction should lay out the general direction for the rest of your essay.

Make sure to include a strong thesis statement in your argumentative essay. This statement should act as the basis for the rest of your paper and should clearly explain why you hold a certain opinion. Having a clear thesis statement sets up the structure for your entire essay and helps to keep you on track throughout the writing process.

The conclusion of your introduction should provide a transition into your main argument. Use effective transition words and phrases to make sure the reader knows exactly where you are headed. Do not be afraid to use a quote or statistic to illustrate your point and engage the reader. Make sure to remain concise and to-the-point while still introducing your essay effectively.

With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble crafting an effective intro to your argumentative essay. Make sure to clearly set out your position, provide background information, include a strong thesis statement, and provide a transition into your main argument in order to capture your reader's attention and explain why your topic is important and worth their time.