How to quote lyrics in an essay

Quoting lyrics in an essay can help to engage the reader and make them think more deeply about the work you are discussing. With careful planning and an understanding of how to cite lyrics, this can be an effective way to make a strong point.

When quoting lyrics, put them in quotation marks and cite the author and year of publication at the end of the quote. In MLA format, the in-text citation would look like this: Im gonna be the one who shines brighter than anyone else (Beyonce, 2011). In APA format, it would look like this: (Beyonce, 2011, Im gonna be the one who shines brighter than anyone else).

Its important to remember to introduce the lyric with a signal phrase that indicates who is speaking and why. This is especially important if you plan to use more than one lyric in your essay. For example, you could write something like, Beyonce speaks of her determination to succeed with the line, Im gonna be the one who shines brighter than anyone else (2011).

When quoting longer lyrics, its best to indent the lyric and single space it. This makes it easier for the reader to follow and not get lost in a long quote. You should also make sure that you are quoting the correct lyrics. Double check the source and include any variation in the quote, such as spelling or punctuation, in your citation.

Finally, make sure that you are quoting lyrics appropriately and not just adding them to your essay as decoration. The lyric should be relevant to your thesis and should demonstrate your understanding of its meaning. Quoting lyrics can be a great way to enhance your essay and make sure that your reader understands your point.