Work: An important element of success

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Merriam Webster dictionary defines work as;

1. Activity which ones exert strength or faculties to do.
2. A sustained physical or mental effort to overcome obstacles and achieve an objective or result

And Job as;

The work that a person does regularly in order to earn money.

A work is not necessarily a job while a job is a work.

Some young folks have a great misconception as to the definition of work, they are lazy and want the job but don’t want the work, they want the reward but refuse to expend energy.

starting an essay with a quoteattention grabber for essay – Myles Munroe.

Jim Micheal a television journalist said example exemplification essaywhen to use italics in an essay.

I will rephrase and say there are lot of young folks who would rather prefer getting a certificate than acquiring knowledge. This lack of enthusiasm as seen in young folks of this contemporary age accounts for their rush for fame and money, “if I can do anything to get the money why stress myself to read books or get knowledge”. Work is now equated with stress.

Work in its real form is not stress, dull, laborious, repetitious, tedious and irritating. To Tweet

Work is thus assumed to be a necessary evil, and thus, we naively fail to seek the good it brings.

We adore geniuses, and make them our role models but we forget they work, worked and worked well before they got to their level of intelligence and dexterity.

Myles Munroe said “genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. Click To Tweet

The love of work is the secret to a productive life. Work should be done in order to be of use, and be resourceful to people; your friends and family, your state, your country and the nation at large. The law of work is – when you work you will be paid so don’t be bother about the payment it will surely come.

Potential is never released without work. Click To Tweet

When one stops working for the pay, one will come to the realization of the reward(s) of work and then rejoice in achievements rather than a paycheck. Anytime you decide to work, the work should be done because you want to see how well you can do what you engage in, because you want to release a great potential, not because you don’t want to be questioned by someone; not necessarily because you want to be paid.

Do you want to build your self esteem ? WORK!

There are countless beautiful things work can do. Reach a wonderful resolution, make that remarkable decision and stop being idle; put an end to seeking ways that gets you something for nothing. why get something through dubious means ?? Why waste time playing dirty games when you can channel the same energy into working and get much more than enough. Stop giving yourself unnecessary stress for what doesn’t worth it. Yes it’s not worth it!
Work gives the comfort you can imagine, it may require time but it will come. Click To Tweet

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