Know Yourself.

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My position won’t be prejudiced if I take the stance that most people living their life, or the rest of their life, in regret are those who are yet to find themselves or those who’ve lost themselves. Over time, I’ve met quite a number of people who see life as a hell hole, and after further enquiry as to their view, we both came to the realization that they’re not living their lives, they don’t even know what’s their life.

Knowing yourself , or finding yourself, whichever way you decide to take it, is a process, one which everyone, you and I aren’t exempted, must literally pass through to understand the purpose for living. Each and everyone has a different background, different ways in which we view things, different set of beliefs, principles, standards and so on, all of these are meant to forge us into what we are meant to be, and the beacon, the guiding light in this process is your talent, the thing you find yourself doing without stress.

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In knowing yourself, you must realize your life won’t necessarily be how you paint it in your head, obviously, in painting how you want your life to be, I’m pretty sure you won’t paint obstacles or setbacks with it, you’re always gonna paint a life on a bed of roses, forgetting the thorns by which the roses are surrounded. These unprecedented occurrences are also a part of what makes us, breaks us, or test us.

Take it or leave it, when you drop out of the lessons your pattern of life is trying hard to teach you, you’re on your own. All of these unprecedented occurrences are to test you, your standards – whether you’d compromise, your principles -whether you can prove them as facts, and if you or anyone can successfully manage to weather this storm, gradually, your life takes shape without you even knowing and like a foetus turning into a baby, when your life has fully taken shape and is solidified, then you can be able to take on anything, take the bull by the horn.

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But, once you decide to run away from the lessons you’re meant to learn, from the things you’re meant to pass through, you’d never see how your life is meant to be, you’d never even live your life. It’s just like running from the “troubles” of school, dropping out, then expecting a degree, it obviously won’t work.

On this note, it’d be of great relevance to point out that not everyone is meant to pass through the same lessons and not everyone will pass through theirs at the same time. You might have to pass through yours at the early stages of your life and your best friend might have to pass through his at the later stages of his life, this is where you should shun envy or jealousy.

Also, don’t try to picture someone else’s life and live it. Accept who you are and what you are. You only see what people want you to see. You could earn a $10k and your friend is earning $100k but might have a lotta issues with his partner which is making him tired of life. That could be his lesson, perhaps life is trying to teach him tolerance, but you have tolerance and you don’t need to learn more about it, thus, life won’t teach you the same lesson as him, yours will come in a different setting and a totally different way.

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Knowing yourself is a process you must pass through and it’s totally for your good, and if you decide not to pass through the process, you’re on your own.

As your life takes shape through lessons, so does your confidence, your reasoning, your maturity, your whole being.

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The end.

This will be all for today.
Do enjoy the rest of your day.
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