How To Concentrate On Your Studies

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It is easy to get distracted in today’s environment. As a student, various distractions pose a major threat to concentrating on your studies. While stopping what you are studying to read a tweet or check the latest Instagram update for a couple of minutes, you always notice you spend more than the required time you promised yourself, and these adds up quickly to large amounts of wasted time over the semester or session and cannot easily be recovered.

It is of great importance you master the act of concentrating on your studies for better performance and result

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To help you tune out the distractions and concentrate more on your studies, we’ve put together this helpful list of tips to improve concentration on your studies


1. Choose your study location wisely

Where you choose to study has a great effect on your concentration. To achieve the highest level of concentration choose a study location with fewer distractions and promotes concentration, for example, if you are a student that loves playing games, it is not advisable to study where your friends are playing games, it will only reduce your concentration level. Studying in a neat and organized place is also of importance. If you are also a student that loves studying with background music, it is okay, in fact, it is very good but ensure you keep it at a low volume to avoid distractions. Finally, ensure your study space is well lit with adequate lighting.


2. Switch off all electronic devices

To improve concentration ensure all electronic devices are turned off except the device you are using to study, If you are using a mobile device, put it on airplane mode to block out all distractions such as notifications, calls and text messages.

Distractions from electronic devices eats into your precious time


3. Develop a Study Plan

According to the instructions on the case study 22 shulman, figuring out when you like to study is key. Is it during the day noon or night? Then develop a study plan around your best time you can assimilate well.

You can a create a study plan by using the mystudyfocus planner dedicated for that. To Tweet

Always have breaks in between your study time, you can have 5-10 minutes break for every 1 hour you study you to relax and stretch your muscles, but during your break time, don’t be tempted to switch on your devices or turn off airplane mode, you always have enough  time to do that after your study hours

Taking breaks refreshes you and doesn’t allow you to lose concentration over time Click To Tweet


4. Discipline yourself

Concentrating on your studies requires discipline. You need to discipline yourself when your mind wanders off, learn to tell yourself stop when you notice your mind wandering off from your studies. Disciplining your mind will take lots of practice but soon you will learn to discipline yourself if you practice well.

Disciplining your mind requires lots of practice Click To Tweet

If while studying a thought creeps into your mind, write it down on a piece paper and deal with that thought later on

If while studying a thought creeps into your mind, write it down on a piece paper and deal with… Click To Tweet


5. Learn one thing at a time

Don’t try to learn multiple things at once but concentrate on one thing at time and when you are done with one you move on to the next, concentrating on one thing at a time improves your productivity

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6. Visualize with paper

In today’s society, electronic devices are beginning to replace pen and paper for note-taking, however, it is better you write on a paper what you have learnt, it keeps you engaged and provides a means for visualizing ideas and questions


7. Make Studying Fun

Try to make your study fun and interactive. You can do this by mixing up different studying techniques you know so you won’t get bored easily, ask your questions on the subject you are studying, Jot down while reading, draw diagrams where necessary to understand better what you are studying and don’t forget to have food or snacks in your study place, so that once in a while you can exercise your mouth.

Don’t forget to have food or snacks in your study place, so that once in a while you can exercise… Click To Tweet


8. Reflect and adjust.

Reflecting on your study pattern is necessary so that you can know where you need to adjust.

You can always ask yourself these set of questions.

  • What is the main goal?
  • What do I need to do today?
  • Where am I at the moment?
  • Is this schedule/plan working?
  • Is it worth improving?
  • How can I improve on it


 9. Have enough rest

It is important your body always have enough rest, your body needs 6-8 hours of sleep each day. Studying when you are tired is wasted effort and not effective which amounts to wasted time. Sleeping well will empower you with concentration and retention skills


I hope this tips will improve your study concentration and effectiveness, if you have any interesting suggestion, let us know in the comment section below.


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