Effective Time Management

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Undoubtedly, one of the things denying students of their height of academic achievement is the mismanagement of time. Indeed, the mismanagement of time is not a good habit towards academics and the penalty is not always something good.

A wide number of successful students are those who have developed the habit of managing their time very properly, as there’s one thing ever essential in the act of studying, it’s time management.

Time management is a habit that is, beyond a reasonable doubt, not something easy to cultivate. Suffice to say, only those who have the luxury of self-discipline coupled with determination can beat their chest proudly and earn the title of being the master of time. But, failure to subdue time is the worst failure to ever incur. In managing time, it is important to come to the reality of certain things. Some of these things, the majority of them actually, will be listed below, accompanied by a brief comprehensible explanation.


1. Attachment of primary goals.

You would agree with me that the only reason one can spend the time of something for another is because the thing the time is meant to be spent on isn’t necessary. I’d break it down. If one decides to make a drawing during a specific time and instead he finds himself watching TV, of a surety, the drawing was of less necessity, if it had any. Thus, I can confidently postulate that in order to effectively manage your time, attach a primary goal. Attach a primary goal whereby non-achievement of such goal will hamper your academic success to a large extent, thus, you have enough reinforcement, enough drive to help you do the right thing at the right time.


2. Draw an appropriate scale of preference.

Time is something intangible and extremely valuable, yet, we’re nonchalant with regards to its importance. Time is mostly irregularly spent when there’s nothing tagged with it. Drawing a scale of preference which is in relation to how you want to spend your time serves the purpose of a timetable kinda. Thus, scaling your course of study, which you want to study for a particular day, and for a particular time helps you effectively study.


3. Be diligent

Diligence is something so broad that should be discussed on its own. However, it’s an essential factor with regards to time management. Even though you attach a primary goal and draw an appropriate scale of preference, without diligence, you’d be less faithful when it comes to studying. Diligence helps you maintain a consistent pace in studying and this is very helpful in shunning distractions.


4. Determination

I always like to call this the younger brother of diligence and just like diligence, this is a broad subject matter to be separately discussed, yet, making it concise for this context won’t make it less meaningful. The determination is a thing of the mind. Studying requires determination. Without determination there can be no diligence, neither can there be strict adherence to any scale of preference nor achievement of primary goals. At times, studying seems boring or the subject matter being studied might look too difficult to comprehend or time consuming to complete. The determination to study is the drive that helps. Once one isn’t determined to study a course, just a little side attraction is enough to end the whole session and lead to an unsuccessful and ineffective studying session.


5. Avoid things unnecessary

Things so good at stealing time are things unnecessary. Funny how we can play a video game for 5 hours without getting tired, yet we can’t study for 30 minutes. Don’t succumb to the feeling of “having fun for few minutes” or “having a few rest”. Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have fun or rest when the need arises, all I’m saying is never substitute your studying time for something else, only due to unforeseen circumstances. Once studying sessions are set, try all your best to make sure you meet up and stay faithful.

Time management is not a luxury you earn just so easily. It’s a habit you diligently develop, but the moment that is attained, it gets easier. An individual unable to manage his time will eventually find it hard trying to maintain a consistent study session. A person inconsistent with studying can only battle for the average rank. Be the best you can be. Be the master of your time. Do you want to be a successful student? beat up time and make it your slave.

If the methods as listed above can be at least practiced, I can guarantee you’re one step closer to attaining the position of the “excellent student”.

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