Confidence: A pertinent attribute.

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To begin this article, it will be of great relevance to first bring to the comprehension of you, our esteemed reader, the meaning of the word “confidence”.

In short and simple terms, confidence is the expression or feeling of certainty, a passive self-assurance, the quality to trust in one’s very self, and in others, if the need arises,

but for the basis of context, trust in others is not a part of this discourse.

If a rough survey is done with regards to the most successful people in the career they found themselves, confidence as one of the elements that upheld their standards can’t be struck out.

Take for instance the boxing legend, Muhammad Ali with his favourite pun, essay score act,

or the legendary king of pop, Michael Jackson, or Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the most revered artiste, to mention a few. These iconic people couldn’t have ever gotten to the average height of their career, talk less the peak, if they hadn’t fought and beat the odds to build their confidence and strangle any life of doubt.

It is important to note, therefore, that the moment a man loses confidence in himself, he has chosen to forfeit his seat of respect and move from Grace to garbage.

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Confidence is not a gift, or an inheritance, it’s an element that is learned, with great determination, persistence, and courage. If these three aforementioned elements are not inherent in an individual, the notion of having confidence might ultimately be a farce.

Also, it’s with great sincerity I bring to the notice of the reader that building one’s confidence can’t be taught, it can only be learned, reason being that the challenges posed to each individual capable of helping such individual build his career or making the individual helplessly watch his career go down the sewer of life is unique, and it varies.

One way, a very effective one at that, an individual can build his confidence is by accepting what he can’t change and adapting to such change, at the same time tirelessly and relentlessly trying to change what he or she believes is wrong to what he or she believes is right and this is where the three elements; determination, persistence and courage comes to play, because, there’d always be odds that need beating and overcoming. Before I end this post, I’d like to note that any individual wanting to build his confidence but is aware of his inherent tendency to give up at critical times should first deal with that tendency. Remember, the three prerequisites; determination, persistence and courage.

The end.

In the next part of this article, the enemy and nemesis of confidence will be discussed, which is fear. Do well to keep up with posts. Thanks for your time, we hold our readers in high esteem. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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